July 14, 2015

    Good Conversations Can Lead You To Great Sex

    By / July 14, 2015

    Conversation is a wonderful thing, especially if you find some common ground between you. It’s surprising how often a good conversation with an interesting person can lead to passionate, mind blowing sex. That’s how I ended up making love to Jenny Chance just a few hours after we met.

    I was at a house party watching a friend’s band play when I saw her. She was a slim brunette with long, sexy legs, generous breasts and intense ice blue eyes. She was swaying her hips to the music, wearing a pair of high heels and a short, tight little black dress. I waited for the song to end and managed to catch her eye.

    “Hey I’m Johnny, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I haven’t seen you around here before so I thought I ought to introduce myself.” I said, careful to keep eye contact with her as we spoke.

    “It’s great to meet you Johnny” she smiled. “I don’t really know anybody here, I’m glad you came over to talk, I was getting kind of bored.”

    “Well I would be happy to entertain you as best I can.” I said, flashing her a smile. “Do you want to go somewhere quieter to talk? It’s a bit loud and crowded in here.”

    “Yeah, I’d love that. I’m tired of this music anyway.” said Jenny.

    “Care to go for a walk then? There’s a nice field just a couple minutes from here. Do you like flowers? They’re blooming right now”

    “Sounds great!” Jenny replied. I opened the front door for her and the two of us stepped out into the warm midsummer night, leaving the loud bustle of the party behind. I asked her about herself and discovered that she was twenty six years old, single
    and worked as a dental hygienist.

    “What is your favorite kind of music?” I asked as we strolled through the warm streets. She talked about a few of her favorite songs and bands. I found out we were both big Rolling Stones fans. Once we found common ground between us the conversation began to flow more naturally. We held hands as we walked into the field and the conversation started to turn towards romance. She took off her high heels and I couldn’t help but admire her long, smooth legs. It was a full moon and her skin seemed to glow in the light.

    “Are you interested in astrology?” I asked.

    “Yeah I just started getting into it. I’m a Pisces,” she said.

    “Yeah I don’t know much about it myself.” I admitted. We lay down side by side in the soft grass and gazed up at the heavens. “The stars truly are beautiful, but they can’t compete with you.” I said confidently.

    “No one has ever said that to me.” I could see her smiling and blushing, even in the semi dark night. We gazed into each other’s eyes, it could have been for just a minute or half an hour, but then she was on top of me and we were kissing passionately.

    She ground herself against me, letting out a whimper of pleasure. She pulled the straps of her dress from her shoulders, revealing her soft, firm breasts and pink nipples erect from excitement. I kissed each one and she sighed in pleasure.
    “I want to feel you inside of me Johnny” she whispered breathily.

    “My god you are beautiful!” was all I managed say before she leaned back to pull off the tight pink thong she’d been wearing under her sexy black dress. I couldn’t believe my luck as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, guiding my rigid manhood into her soft, hairless vagina, already dripping with feminine desire. We had only met hours before and now we were already alone under the stars, lustfully making love in the warm night air until we climaxed together, holding each other and panting.

    It was amazing, only a short while ago we had been strangers, but it felt so right talking to her. If it goes well, a conversation can lead to much, much more. That’s why it’s important to be alone together, and somewhere quiet enough that you can comfortably converse. Try to find something in common with the person like a kind of music or movies, compliment their looks and take a genuine interest what they have to say. It helps to talk about romance and sex with your potential partner; it helps put the idea in their head. It’s amazing how much the right few words can turn someone on. You’d be surprised how fast a good conversation with someone can turn into a full night of amazing sex and more if all goes well. It certainly worked well with Jenny because we stayed in that field exploring one another’s bare bodies and sexual desires until the sun started coming up.

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