Goo "Wave" Journalism

By Richard Gerber June 2009

Prerequisite Understanding: read me Old and New Consciousness Journalism Death and Rebirth

Inline Update: After publishing this those that understood the ramifications began to panic and Goo had to bury the Wave to alleviate fears. So it will now simply be known as "Wave" journalism.

Goowave journalism is the next evolution of the journalistic endeavor made possible by new technology and connectivity  that never before existed in the known history of man. Some estimate it will result in a 100 fold increase of the phase velocity of the  human evolutionary wave.

A Goowave storyline wave may have one or more originators, and many contributors, often citizen journalists as well as professional journalists. Often an event or discovery will trigger the formation of a storyline wave. Then the harder work begins the investigative journalism and the discovery process, searching out solutions and resolutions.

One of the great inefficiencies of the current journalistic news model and much to the dismay of readers is the discontinuity with the storyline follow-up or conclusion of a story. A Goo Story Line wave contains the entire story line all in one place as a singularity so that the evolution of the story is easy to transverse and the eventual conclusion can always be found and if subscribed to the story line one is updated when the conclusion becomes known.

Rewarding the journalists for their value creation: various topics form an interest channel which act as a GooWave Ad Wave Guide. Revenue is distributed to the originators and genuine value contributors to the story.

If you are a journalist looking to ride the wave and participate in the GooWave News Wave pilot, follow @Storyline and @Blogger_Pro on Twitter, or send us an email. Be sure to read the story line.

"There comes a time when the only choice is to evolve or perish." ~Richard Gerber CEO Intelegen Inc.

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