Should you always wear stilettos on dates

By / December 12, 2016

I am not so sure that all London escorts should wear stilettos. Okay, so most guys get really turned on by stilettos or fetish boots, but I keep on wondering if some escorts focus too much on shoes. I love shoes and like all women, my big passion is to go shoe and handbag shopping…. Read more

Why I decided to become an escort

By / December 2, 2016

When I was younger I had all of these fantastic dreams of what I wanted to do when I became older. I would have loved to have been a model but the truth is that modelling is not all that great. When I worked as a model before I joined Chelmsford escorts, I did… Read more

Hot girls at Luton escorts

By / November 30, 2016

I have met some seriously hot babes while dating escorts in London, but I have to say that the hottest babes that I have ever dated in London, has been Luton escorts. At first I did not think that dating in Luton was going to be that great, but I soon changed my mind after… Read more

Is it safe to fly with horny pilots?

By / November 13, 2016

 Last week I read about a pilot who had performed a sex act on himself while in the air. I was really shocked and I keep on wondering if it is safe t fly with horny pilots. If you are that desperate for self satisfaction that you need to do on a flight deck, perhaps… Read more

London Escorts: Its Pros and Cons

By / November 3, 2016

In so many events in our lives, we always need a company, either for personal or business purposes. Of course, there are other reasons for hiring escorts, but most often these are the women, who will be your best company when you attend social and business events. If it goes beyond what is agreed, it… Read more

She is not the only woman in my life

By / October 25, 2016

One of the girls that I have been dating at Chiswick escorts like have become really cling. She seems to think that she is the only woman in my life, and treats me like her husband. As a matter of fact, I would say that she nags me more than my ex wife does…. Read more

Barnes Cray escorts secrets to great skin

By / October 3, 2016

When I was arrived in London, I thought that my skin was much better than it is right now. To be honest, I think that pollution has taken its toll. Looking at my skin now, I think think that it looks rather dull and is even becoming a bit wrinkled. I am not sure that… Read more

Your Lingerie Wardrobe

By / September 16, 2016

Knowing when to minimize your lingerie look is not always easy. If, you are serious about looking attractive in lingerie, it is good to know when to dress it up or down. The truth is that most girls, including Bury Park escorts and,a re not born lingerie experts. Just like the rest of us,… Read more

Pick up lines that do work

By / September 12, 2016

I have been dating girls since I was about 15 years old. Sure, first of all I tried out all of the cheesy pick up lines, and because the girls were new to dating, I think that I got away with it. However, as I got older, I started to become less fortunate, and seemed… Read more

Sexy adventures with London Escorts

By / August 18, 2016

Many of my friends from outside of London escorts think that we have lots of sexy adventures all of the time, but that would not be true at all. Sometimes, it can be rather tedious working for London escorts as we often end up discussing people’s sex problems with them. I love telling my gents… Read more

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